Royal Doulton Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Wedding Anniversary Figurine

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Queen's Platinum Wedding Anniversary

Height: 24.384cm / 9.6 in
Width: 13.462cm / 5.3 in
Depth: 8.89cm / 3.5 in

To celebrate 70 years of marriage is a rare achievement, and on November 20th 2017 Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh will attain this very special platinum anniversary. In commemoration of their anniversary, Royal Doulton has created a limited edition figurine of the couple based on an official photograph taken to mark the Diamond Jubilee of The Queen’s accession to the throne in February 2012.
The Queen’s crown is known as the State Diadem and this stunning circlet is made from 1333 diamonds with a double band of 169 pearls and dates from 1820 when it was made for King George IV. The Queen wore it during the procession to Westminster Abbey prior to her coronation in 1953 and she also wears it annually at the State Opening of Parliament. She also wears a diamond necklace and earrings. Now known as the Coronation Necklace and Earrings these were commissioned by Queen Victoria in 1858. The Queen’s engagement ring and bracelet - a wedding gift from the Duke of Edinburgh - were made from diamonds from a tiara formerly owned by his mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg. Across her State Dress, The Queen wears the blue Garter Riband and pinned on to this are the Royal Family orders of King George V and King George VI, and also the Lesser George Emblem. Below this, on her dress she also wears the Garter Star.
The Duke of Edinburgh’s uniform consists of a tailcoat with standing collar, gold braids to the sleeves, gold shoulder boards, gold chains and buttons, and a black and gold belt and gold laced black trousers. He carries a ceremonial sword and he proudly wears service medals from the Second World War and the Jubilee and Coronation medals. He also has the Order of Merit - a red and blue cross worn on a red and blue ribbon around his neck - and wears the Royal Victorian Chain. Limited edition of 1000.