Moorcroft Chartwell Plaque - Limited Edition

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As a striking follow-up to the Butterfly Collection, Emma Bossons has pursued the appealing theme of butterflies in Chartwell. Chartwell House in Kent was home to Sir Winston Churchill and his family. It became a sanctuary of tranquillity during an era of destruction and devastation. On those rare occasions when Churchill was free to escape the realities of his job, his chosen hobby, perhaps out of the need to seek beauty and serenity in dark times, was butterfly cultivation and art. In a tribute to the home and surroundings of an iconic, war-time Prime Minister, Emma has selected four butterflies and four flowers of her choice for a classic, country-themed plaque. A Tortoiseshell makes its way to the fragrant flower heads of lavender stalks which have been flooded with deep purple, whilst the vivid blue of the cornflower is an arresting backdrop for the Orange Tip. Illustrated with a delicacy only achieved with years of practice, the plaque also features sedum which Emma discloses to be a particular favourite of her own and which shelters the almost iridescent lilac wings of the Common Blue. Finally, we see the handsome Peacock with its predatorial eyespots in yellow and rusty red; a subtle contrast to the mellow green on the nettle leaf and its soft white flowers. Within the Chartwell plaque, flowers and fauna unite together in a single, glorious symphony of colour designed to flank forever the contrasting linear outline of Chartwell House.

11" wide
13.5" tall
~1" deep