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Paxton & Whitfield

Located at 93 Jermyn Street, Paxton & Whitfield has been established in St James’s for over 200 years and in their present premises for over 100 years.

This quintessentially English cheesemonger, established in 1797  lays claim to supply the best Stilton ‘in the kingdom’. As Winston Churchill once famously observed, “A gentleman only buys his cheese from Paxton & Whitfield”

Paxton and Whitfield were granted their first Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria, several more warrants followed, and today Paxton & Whitfield still supply cheese to our Royal Family.

Take a closer look at the beautifully hand painted window on this ceramics, the cheeses stand on their platters,  ready to be tasted. The name and details on the fascia and windows are painted in pure gold.

Paxton and Whitefield is a Limited Edition of just 500 pieces. It measures 23.2cm (9 & 1/8″) tall to the top of the chimney x 10cm (4″) wide.