Hazle Ceramics-Floris

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Floris, the Perfumers, have been operating at 89 Jermyn Street since 1730. A delightful building & one of the many in Jermyn St. that Hazle would like to model. Note the gold & copper highlights. The interior contains some magnificent Spanish Mahogany Showcases from the Great Exhibition of 1851.

One of the quirkier things that happened in the shop was the “laundering” of money. Because ladies of the period often wore long elegant gloves & money was quite dirty, Floris used to take the money they received from customers & wash & iron it. Change would be given to the customers on a velvet tray, still used today!! With service like this no wonder they hold Royal Warrants!! The building is directly opposite Princes Arcade, where you will find John English Gifts, one of Hazle's premier stockists & the shop where you can purchase this piece (as well as off the website) It is one of the smallest Limited Editions Hazle has ever produced and is companion to Paxton & Whitfield, 2 doors away.