Flahavan's Organic Porridge Oats

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2.3lb, 1kg

For over 200 years, the Irish have trusted Flahavan's to deliver a rich, creamy taste and texture that will warm and brighten the dreariest of days. Since 1785, Flahavan's has been sourcing the finest quality oats from the rich rolling farmlands in southeast Ireland, where the unspoilt local environment and mild, wet climate creates the ideal environment. After harvest time, the newly grown oats are carefully stored and dried in preparation for the year ahead at the family owned Flahavan mill, situated in a small village in Waterford.

Flahavan's unique way of milling, passed from generation to generation, preserves the natural, wholesome texture and flavour of high quality oats. The result is a warm, nourishing bowl of Flahavan's--a delicious breakfast.

Why eat oats? Oats are a delicious source of wholegrain, protein, and fibre, and promotes low cholesterol and heart health.