C&E Nantucket Briar Eau de Toilette

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Eau de Toilette
Nantucket Briar
60 mL


Abundant and aromatic, the wild briar rose adorns weathered cottage doorways and fog-filled harbours on Nantucket. But the "Grey Lady" (so-named for her oft misty shores) has an exotic side, too. For centuries, ships from around the world landed on her shores with rare spices and oils.

The Nantucket Briar Collection is an eclectic mix of on-island ingredients and imports from afar. Scents of peony, wild rose and ambergris get a refreshing boost from the citrusy fragrance of bergamot, while notes of vanilla, patchouli and exotic spices add sophistication and depth.

This bottle delivers a gentle mist, free from mineral oil, parabens or propylene glycol.

Fragrance: A nostalgic blend of briar roses, bergamot, fresh greens, amber and vanilla.